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Still Great - but how much does it affect?

This week's Uncanny X-Force falls into the same strange valley as X-Men Legacy. It presumably takes place before the events of Schism. And as of Regenesis we can see whether or not Apocalypse's plan has succeeded and whether or not Betsy is his bride.

That aside, if you view this book in a vacuum - away from the rest of the X-books, remember hit it out of the park once again. He has a great balance between humor and drama as he has throughout this entire arc. The combination between the absurd and the serious is great. The team is still trying to stop Apocalpse from rebooting the world and they haven't succeeded or failed by the end of this book.

We are really, really deep into this story arc so you probably don't want to worry about picking this issue up. Then again, it does have a very comprehensive story summary on the first page so maybe you can jump in.

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