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Ghoul is able to bring his body together after the incident of Exiles #4, where the Exiles were killed and decimated. Unfortunately, Ghoul eventually finds himself in the middle of a frenzied mob that is anti-ultras. Seeing Ghoul as an ultra, the mob descends upon him until Hardcase arrives. The media talks to Hardcase immediately and question him about anti-ultra sentiments and how ultras are supposed to be policed. Hardcase takes the opportunity to tell them that both he and Ghoul are going to investigate a naval base that was recently attacked. They both leave to the base, but Prime, in his teenage identity of Kevin Green, sees Hardcase on television and wonders if he should create an ultra team. Contrary and Pixx also investigate the naval base attack in a steal airship. When Hardcase and Ghoul arrive, they find a woman cradling a corpse, an innocent victim in the attack. Ghoul uses his ability to talk to the dead to find out who attacked the base and the soul says it was Atalon, an ultra and his crew that come from under the Earth. Meanwhile, Prime goes on television to recruit ultras for his team. He asks Mantra to join, but she refuses. He then asks Prototype who thinks it's a great idea and treats it as if it was actually his own idea. This causes Prime to get angry and they both brawl with the media filming them, causing the public's anti-ultra sentiment to have a foundation. Contrary teleports Ghoul and Hardcase onto her airship, much to Hardcase's chagrin, and informs them that both Contrary and Pixx have been tracking these attacks on weapon bases around the planet from these underground forces. She sets coordinates for her airship to investigate another weapon base that was just attacked.

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