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Pearl Penalosa, AKA Ultra, is a workaholic. Raised by her hispanic parents she grew up to become a police officer. She lives in Spring City eventually landing a job working for the prestigious agency, Heroine Inc. a company dedicated to employing super powered females. Due to her bravery, Ultra has earned a legion of fans, fame, money, and a nomination for “Best Heroine of the Year”, for the 77th Annual Super Hero Awards, for reducing gang activity to Spring Cities lowest point. 

Nevertheless, her powers made her immune to many dangers but not to love. When she encountered a crack-addicted fortune teller who her friends dragged her to , who told her about events that will come to pass involving her finding true love within seven days, she decided to open her world to new experiences and possibilities. Resistant at first but her friends coerce her eventually into believing in the fortune teller prophecy. She finds Jason Lucas a charming young man who she falls for within a two days and is tragically heartbroken when on their first date she put out and paid for it. Jason took a snapshot of the two in bed and sold it too a popular magazine for some big bucks. Ultra then is publicly mocked and scorned as she had been abstinent for five years due to the Captain Steel escapade. Leading her down a spiral of shame and stress.

Powers and Abilities

Ultra displays super-strength, flight, super-speed, invulnerability but to a lesser degree as she has stated that bullets sting her, healing factor she was able to fully recover from 3rd degree burns, severe trauma to her head and vertebrae sustained from dropping from the sky, after 24 hours of rest,   although she could be much more powerful as during this time she was suffering anxiety attacks and this was affecting her abilities to the point of a short deactivation of said powers, 

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