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After Ultimo's initial programming, he went to the planet Rajak and killed all the inhabitants on the planet at the time. When a group of Rajak men who were off of the planet at the time Ultimo attacked returned to their home only to find everyone dead, they proceeded to vigorously track down Ultimo. When they found him, they discovered he was far too powerful for them, and decided to flee. Ultimo pursued them, and eventually cornered them in an asteroid field not far from Earth. In the midst of the battle, gravity ensnared both Ultimo and the Rajak men, hurling them towards Earth. It is unknown what happened to the men, but Ultimo is known to have landed in China, and shut down from the impact. He remained there until Mandarin found him. He took the robot back to his palace and reprogrammed him to be his servant. After this was completed, he sent Ultimo to attack the Chinese government in an attempt take over. Although Ultimo easily defeated the Chinese military, Iron Man flew to the battle and stopped him. Ultimo later was found again by Mandarin, and was sent on various missions, ranging from attacking Thor and Hawkeye to fighting Yellow Claw for control of the Chinese land. In the end of all of those events, Ultimo remains deactivated somewhere in the captivity of S.H.I.E.L.D after his last defeat at the hands of the Young Avengers.

In Other Media

Ultimo appears in the Iron Man animated series.

Ultimo also features in Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game as a sub-boss.

Ultimo appears in Iron Man Armored Adventures as a guardian to a temple containing one of the Mandarin's rings. He resembles Ultron.

He is also set to appear in the IRON MAN 2 video game, this version is an armoured suit piloted by Kearson DeWitt.

Ultimo Armored Suit.
Ultimo Armored Suit.

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