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The X-Men have only been reformed for mere days, and they're already in the middle of a national crisis. The Sentinels have been reactivated-mutants are once again hunted and killed like animals. But who's controlling them this time-and what does it have to do with the newly-formed Mutant Liberation Front?

Beast manages to escape from the Trikelion, despite the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents trying to stop him.

In Manhattan, the X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Bishop, Angel, Dazzler, Psylocke, and Pyro) fight the Sentinels. During the fight, Storm sees the Shadow King's shadow creatures. They tell her the Shadow King is coming. Then she hears, "Soon you will belong to me." She falls and Wolverine rushes to her side. Storm mumbles that it's always been dreams and she's never seen them while she was awake. The fight continues. The Mutant Liberation Front are there too, even though they aren't doing much in the fight. Dazzler gets grabbed by a Sentinel. She curses Bishop hoping he was right about her powers. Suddenly she lets out a bright flash of light that destroys three Sentinels.

The fight is over. The leader of the MLF comes up to thank Bishop for allowing them the opportunity to fight back against the Sentinels. Bishop tells him that he doesn't approve of their terrorists ways and that they are not setting a good image for mutants. The leader is outraged and says that they allowed Xavier to be killed by the government. When told that it was a mutant that killed Xavier, the leader says that he was probably under the orders of the current administration.

Pyro steps in saying that maybe he's right. The leader is happy that one of the X-Men can see things his way. They teleport out, with Pyro going with them.

In Australia, at the X-Men's headquarters, Psylocke tells them she helped nudge Pyro into making the decision to go with the MLF. She said she told him to go with them before Pyro shut her out of his mind. She said he didn't believe the stuff he was saying so something must have been going on. She also was able to get the name of the leader, Stryfe. Now they have an agent on the inside. She felt Pyro was a good choice since he wasn't much help during the fight. Bishop says it's time that they stop these little strikes. They need to take the fight to the source.

At the Xavier School, Jean tells Scott she wants to go to bed alone. Scott says he gets it because she's been under a lot of stress with helping run the school. Inside her room, Jean is surrounded by her little goblins. She feels she is just crazy. The goblins were her figment when she was young to help explain how she was using her telekinesis. One of the goblins points to the mirror as a bright image starts to come out. It seems the Phoenix force is there and tells Jean not to resist. All her questions will be answered. It tells her that with all the power it has, Jean will beg to be taken over. The goblins help to push her back into the mirror, leaving Jean recovering on her bed. Outside in the tree, Hank has, perhaps, witnessed everything.

In New Jersey, the X-Men fight another Sentinel. Bishop manages to put a device on its back. With the unit being damaged, it takes off to return for repairs. Now the X-Men are ready to find out who is behind the Sentinels.

They teleport inside a building surrounded by rows of Sentinels. To their surprise, they are not being attacked because they are turned off. Bishop says they have the element of surprise so this should be an easy mission.

Just then he is taken out by a huge blast. Standing before them are Andreas and Andrea Strucker, the twins in charge of Fenris International. With Bishop taken out, they decide to kill the X-Men.

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