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The book opens on another one of Peters classrooms. Mary Jane is looking worried because once again Peter Parker has skipped school. Wanting to give up being Parker and instead choosing Spidermans life. At the moment though Spidermans life has led him to have a gun at his head. Black Cat has shown up and distracted Hammerhead long enough for Spiderman to web his gun hand. In return Hammerhead throws a grenade at our two heroes. Getting away from the explosion, Black Cat takes the moment of silence to tell Spiderman that she is in fact his as soon as she gets her revenge on The Kingpin. The police finally show up, and immediately start shooting at Spiderman. Captain Jean Dewulf is not happy with this and berates her men. As the clean up continues we see Marc Spector ( Moon Knight ) has been spying on the preceedings. Luckily enough for him, Peter gets home before his aunt May, so he is able to erase the message saying that he skipped school, before she heard it. The book closes with the Kingpin, Elektra, and the Kingpins advisor watching the television. We learn the advisor is also under indictement. Offering to do anything to rid Fisk of the embarrassment, Kingpin orders Elektra to kill him, and then gives the order for her to clean up the mess.

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