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This issue starts out with Peter in the Gym's locker room asking the wrestling coach for something like a head to toe suit in red and blue. The coach says that he doesn't have anything even close to that and sends Peter away. Peter starts to think to himself while he's swinging around town how he's going to get a costume and comes up with the idea of asking the wrestling company that he worked for when he first got his powers.

The next scene Peter is in class and is sitting next to MJ. The teacher is talking about something she had done to get some kid news program back in the school, while she is talking she writes a note to Peter asking what is the matter, all Peter can say back to her is why do you care since we're broken up. The teacher caches them.

Then it cuts to the scene where Peter is calling the wrestling company he asks them about Spiderman and they answer saying that they don't support him anymore. Peter asks them where they got the suit and the guy on the phone doesn't seem to care about this conversation and he hangs up.

After this Flash sneaks up on Peter and says that he has to talk to him, but Peter thinks of this as just another one of Flash's pranks so Peter calls him a jackass and walks off.

The next scene you see a girl being chased by 5 thugs, they trap her behind a corner and pull a knife on her and just as she's about to be cut Peter slings a web at the knife and he jumps down. His suit is his mask a normal pair of pants and sneakers and a sweatshirt with a spider on it. The thugs make fun of Peter's suit and Peter makes a joke making the leader angry this starts in a short tussle ending with all the thugs caught in a big web ball. Peter asks the girl if she's ok and she tells him that one of his eye lenses fell off.

The next scene has Peter in his basement trying to put together the mask and the lenses when Gwen enters the basement and tells Peter about a party that she eventually is able to talk Peter into going. Peter is just about to leave when he sees MJ in a black haired wig in a slutty outfit with her friend.

They notice each other and Peter now really wants to go home. Him and Gwen are about to leave when a big explosion goes off and everyone goes out to seen some kid pointing at cars and making them blow up.

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