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Ultimatum is upon us!! Big changes are afoot and with them comes the much anticipated return of ULTIMATE SPIDER-WOMAN! But is she friend or foe?? Guest- starring the Human Torch and Kitty Pryde!

Johnny Storm is on a date with a hot but boring pop star. When he gets a chance, he calls Peter, asking him to save him. When he hears that he's with Mary Jane, Johnny tells Peter that he has to get him a nice girl. Before his date can return, he begs Peter to call him back in five minutes.

Meanwhile, Aunt May is at Midtown High trying to get Gwen Stacy re-enrolled in school. Despite having signed letters from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony Stark, the Vice Principal still gives her a hard time. He's suspicious that she would even know them, to which she says she doesn't.

Johnny gets his call from Peter. Faking that it's news of an attack by Dr. Doom and takes off. While flying, he's almost run down by the Vulture. He begins to chase him. Vulture manages to evade him a bit with the help of some explosives only to run into Spider-Woman. She puts him down and delivers him to some police officers. Impressed, Johnny tries talking to her. She lets it slip that they've 'kinda' met, she finally tells him they have mutual friends. As she swings away, Johnny is definitely interested.

Peter, MJ, Gwen, Kitty and Kong leave to meet up with Johnny in the city. After they leave, police officers arrive at the house to bring Aunt May in for questioning about her (and Peter's) relationship with Spider-Man.

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