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Peter Parker sits in the school library, thinking over his confrontation with Electro, and if he goes back for round two, he needs to be prepared. Peter decides to e-mail the company that makes the surveillance equipment for Fisk Towers for more information. Peter then rushes off, realising he's late for his next class.

Peter is told to skip the class and attend a meeting with Doctor Bradley, a counsellor sent by the school board. Annoyed by her questions, Peter leaves, and meets a sombre Liz Allan going in for her meeting with Doctor Bradley. On the way to his next class, Peter encounters Mary Jane, still angry about him cancelling their date.

Back at home, Peter has received an e-mail back from the surveillance company, and watches a video detailing the security system used at Fisk Towers. He flashes back to his last visit there, dons his costume, then makes his way back.

At Fisk Towers, Spider-Man sneaks into the security room, and alerts the guards, who fire off shots, killing the lights in the building. He steals the DVDs with the footage of his last visit and attempts to escape, but is halted by the Enforcers and Electro...

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