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They should have never rebooted this...

This issue is intresting and extraordinary (how do you like me now... using big words like that) 
NO seriously... Bendis, my respects for the man because he knows how to write a good story. This issue is 6 months after Ultimatum (Yes it's finally over!!!!) and yet I feel that this could easily have been ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Issue No. 136.... I say 136 instead of 134 because the Requiems could have been 134 and 135.....  
The story is great, I mean Peter is not dead so the world is right again. No school for the gang agin and Gwen is kissing Peter (By the way SPOILER... hehe sorry). Along with that surprise, The Human Torch crashes in the Parker home while our new villain Mysterio kills someone (I won't tell you who!!) A new character appears and we don't know if the guy is good/ bad human or not. Since there's no name that comes with the character I think I'll call him "hoodie" (You know because he has a huge hood... yeah everybody's a critic) 
Now the reason this review is marked as 4.5 out of 5 (even though I've been rambling on and on on why it's so good) is the art. My only problem was the art, I didn't even care Parker got a job. David Lafuente is an awesome artist... really.... but I think Bagley and even Immonen need to teach him how to draw an Ultimate Spidey (Even a 616 at that). His head is round..... and that's ok but he looks like a toddler. I mean he's short! My 6 year old cousin lookd like that in his Spidey costume. Well that eas one problem, my other problem is taht Johnny looks nothing like Johnny. If you read USM annual No. 3 David then you know Lafuente also provided the art. There he was a whole lot waaaay better than this time. Mysterio is introduced in USM annueal and he comes back in this issue, Lafuente apparently fatten him up from Ultimatum to now..... What did he do eat while drowning?? 
Well OK so enough whining I'll get use to the art and when I do Marvel will change the artist and I'll be mad but it's ok I'll live...  It's a good comic and I recomend it'd be read!!!

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