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New Beginnig,New Villains,Old Hero

When I first heard that David LaFuente is going to pencil the new adventures of a 'new' Spider-Manl,the first thing it came to my mind was "Gimme' a break',but now I tottaly love his style.I see now why Bendis was so excited to work with after Ultimate Spider-Man Annual # 3.I was really pissed of when I heard that the newly Ultimate (Comics) Spider-Man will feature a new webhead in town so I decided to buy issue # 133 and the two Requiem editions and ASTA LA VISTA BABY.Suddently ,my friend knocked at my door saying that he bought the newest issue and I read it from him.Than I saw that nothint has changed....well it changed a lot but at least Peter Parker is still good ol' spidey,so I went to the store and bought is myself and I began reading all over. 
It starts with Peter Parker who now works at a fast food restaurant.Annoying customers,bossy boss and new girlfriend Gwen Stacy.How they get together and why he broke up with Mary Jane Watson(who now is a reporter for the School) it's still a mistery because the story is set 6 months after the ULTIMATUM events. 
Aunt May is now a very understanding aunt,he accepts that Gwen and Peter are together,he accepts Peter for what he does as Spider-Man. 
A new hero appears on town who wear a long dark red cape who could be the Ultimate Version of Shroud.Either way he knockes out the bad guys in 2 seconds revealing that he has the ability of ivulnerability and super speed.When Spidey arrives the unknown guy is gone(well not exactly gone,he watches out hero from a roof) and the same time the NYPD arrives as well who are revealed to be a big fan of Spidey. Home Peter and Gwen share a (long)kiss and Johnny Storm arrives to the Parker house with in a real bad shape and ask their help. 
This issue concludes with the Kingpin returning back to the city as Mysterio waits for him and his office and with an energy blast,he send the Kingpin out of the window who dies.Now that the Kingpin is DEAD,Mysterio takes over his place promising that he'll avange Spider-Man. 
Overall I give this issue  9    out of 10

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