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The Ultimates have journeyed into the Supremeverse to do battle with the Squadron Supreme. And they’re amazed by the destruction that has occurred there due to the unintentional meddling of the Fantastic Four’s young leader Reed Richards. It’s a clash of the greatest powers from two universes! Don’t miss it!


Nick Fury and the heroes from the Ultimate Universe arrive in the Supremeverse and it's already time for a fight. Fury orders Thor to engage Hyperion and he complies. Hyperion and the Thunder God prove to be too evenly matched so Fury sends The Human Torch and The Invisible Woman to back up his man. On the Helicarrier Fury explains why he sent them. Other then Iron Man they are the only fliers and according to him are more expendable. The flying ship heads for Richards while Sue and Johnny assist Thor. The Invisible Woman contains Hyperion in a bubble but his super strong punches prove to be too much and she can barely hold him in. The Human Torch tells her to open up a hole so he can pump in his flames. The fire doesn't seem to phase Hyperion so The Human Torch leaves nothing back and goes nova, aiming all his power into the sphere.

Unfortunately, all Johnny's efforts do nothing but annoy Hyperion. With a single blast of his laser vision Hyperion both breaks The Invisible Woman's sphere and sends The Human Torch plummeting to the ground. Sue, who had been forced to land due to the strain of maintaining the force field, catches her brother before he hits the ground but she passes out immediately after. What comes next is astounding but also frightening. Thor attacks a mad (but calm) Hyperion but winds up on the receiving end of an attack. Hyperion, moving faster than Thor can react to, grabs Thor, takes his hammer, hits him with it, and throws both to the ground.

Meanwhile, on the Helicarrier, Nick Fury explains that their target is the Supremeverses version of Washington DC. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch think it's foolish to assume that America rules this world but they let Fury think what he wants. Captain America informs Spider-Man that he thinks Fury is hiding something.

Somewhere on the ground, Reed Richards, the man this whole commotion is about, is being escorted "to a more secure location." On his way, he takes the time to look outside and sees that the heroes of two universes are going at each other with everything they've got.

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