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This series continues to be very sub-par. The art, which changed in the last two pages to something that looks like it should suit the series better, was even worse than the first two issues. The plot was kind of boring and somewhat confusing in parts, the dialogue continues to be somewhat off, and odd artistic choices continued to show up (like the weird lightning-like crackling halo of energy around Sue's head whenever she used her powers. I get that it's supposed to be a visual cue so we can tell she's using her powers even when we can't see the force fields, but it looks kind of weird).

The most annoying thing about this comic, however, is the fact that Dr. Doom is still being called Victor Van Damme occasionally (this time it was Namor and the text bubbles that did it). I did some searching on the wiki to see if his name is actually Van Damme and I just missed something, and nothing turned up, so all I can assume is that this is either a stupid error or a bad joke. The thing is, Van Damme is a completely inappropriate name for Dr. Doom if we assume Ultimate Doom is of vaguely Germanic heratige. The prefix 'van' is Dutch, whereas 'von' is German.

At any rate, it seems this series will be about some sort of dimension-hopping adventure the team goes on for the next while, which sounds like so much fun. I'm not really looking forward to the rest of this series, but with the art apparently changing and a new storyline emerging I'll probably read the next issue anyways.

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