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 Seed Nineteen--a bizarre name for the most bizarre characters ever to enter the lives of the F.F.: Threshold, Fountain, Magnificent Brute, Dreamcatcher. These incredible entities hold the key to a cosmic conflict that has raged for untold millennia and now involves our quarrelsome quartet. You've never seen anything like it! We promise.

You’ve never witnessed anything like the coming of Gallowglass! A crisis of truly cosmic scale reaches earth in the form of this son of a mad tyrant! From a dark, disfigured world he comes—a cosmic assassin crushing anything that stands between him and The Seed—a bizarre and powerful object that just happens to be in the hands of the F.F.’s leader, young Reed Richards. And Gallowglass is getting closer...leaving New York in ruins behind him!

Stranded on the alien world called Acheron, the F.F. face certain death at the hands of the literally explosive being called Gallowglass! But even he pales besides the true enemy on this bleak planet, the greatest threat the multiverse has ever known: Thanos the Destroyer!

Stranded in another dimension, the F.F. find themselves hunted by the warriors from the dread world of Acheron...and its ruler, Thanos, won’t rest until he possesses the one weapon which will give him dominion over the entire cosmos—the mind of young Reed Richards! It’s an ultimate shocker!

The fledgling F.F. have sought refuge on the slave world Pyx, pursued by Ronan the Public Accuser. And when it seems it can’t get worse, Ben Grimm, The Thing, is taken over—mind and body—by the ultimate evil...Thanos of Acheron! And what of the young members of Seed Nineteen? Will they meet their final fate?


After fighting Thanos' forces with Seed Nineteen, resulted in somewhat of a victory. As Reed transports themselves back home, Thanos' top soldier, Ronan the Accuser, is brought with them. For fighting against Thanos, their sentence is death. Ronan appears to be more than they can handle. With the help of Seed Nineteen member, Dreamcatcher, all of the Fantastic Four's and Seed Nineteen's powers are linked to take on Ronan. Ronan is defeated. Seed Nineteen returns to their home to continue to defend the people against Thanos.

Reprints Ultimate Fantastic Four #33-38.

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