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Natural Resources Part 3

This was obviously just a setup issue, but a pretty decent one at that. You notice that there is a feeling of a calm before the storm(no pun intended). And with both internal and external pressure on Utopia, how will Kitty manage this situation? I´m curious about Psylockes endgame, because it is obvious that she has an own agenda, and only pretends to play lackey to Mach Two. She is after all a telepath, so it is easy for her to fool anyone. Her second scene with Jimmy Hudson I thought could have been made a little better though. Since I am reading the Ultimate Comics Wolverine mini series I know that it is a reference to the events that went down there. But if you haven´t, you would be completely lost there. Even just a little editors note there would have done the job. It didnt hurt the issue too much though. Speaking of telepaths we finally get Jean Greys full plan, and I´m looking forward to that story arc which will probably follow after Natural Resources has been wrapped up. The final page hints at a confrontation between her and Psylocke, or even Rogue who discovered her too. She´s become quite reckless lately, and I think thats gonna hurt her later on. Personally I´m rooting for Kitty and Utopia, but who knows if Utopia will even survive this story arc? I hope so, but it can go either way at this point.

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