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The Story

This storyline seems to be setting up the Ultimate event Cataclysm. But it still works as its own story too. Hulk is on the loose again, and he´s teamed up with Reed, Quicksilver and Kang(He´s the one who freed Quicksilver at the end of Ultimate Comics Wolverine). Reed is still under the delusion that he can redeem himself, this time by the help of the Infinity Gauntlets. They still have to find two of the Infinity gems though.Personally I am hoping for a confrontation between Reed and Sue in any of the upcoming issues, but I won´t be dissapointed if it doesnt happen.

The Art

Some of the two-paged spreads look a bit cluttered, which makes it a bit difficult to keep track on everything thats happening in them. Otherwise the art is fine. Nothing stands out too much, but it´s not terrible either.



The fight feels big and important as it should

Potential for confrontation between Reed and Sue


Cluttered two-paged spreads

Quicksilver was slightly underused

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