mikestark's Ultimate Comics Ultimates #23 - Reconstruction, Part 5 of 6 review

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Very Impressed

I've been really enjoying where Sam Humphries has been taking the direction for this comic, but now with this issue everything is about to hit the fan & I'm very excited to read the next issue. It seems to have everything I want in a comic; good characters, action & a great, dare I say "juicy" story. It was bold at first but I really liked the decision to make Captain America President. I can't wait to see what President Cap will do to advert this situation. I also am excited to see what happens with Tony & Ford's conversation & how the new Subject Wonder Man will play a part in all of this. I just hope for the "reconstruction" finale doesn't suck like the Avengers "White light" event did. I'm sorry but I wasn't a fan. I don't want the J-Rice satellite to be gone as soon as it came, I have faith Humphries will deliver & I'm hoping what happens next will destroys the playing field with dramatic effects & consequences. 5/5!

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