Ultimate Comics Ultimates #17

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The Good

ULTIMATES 17 is a pretty big turning point in this issue from page one. There's a few twists and turns here that break from the mold of Marvel event storytelling. We actually have a turning point that matters, and one that truly changes how this story could play out.

If there's one thing we've learned about Marvel's Ultimate universe, it's that the "return to normalcy" we see in other comic books doesn't exist here. Each story plays off of the last one and other arcs prior to that. There is no going back to normalcy here as the country has been divided and attacked by its own people. The events that happen here will not only shape the future of this book and universe, but it will also be something these character will not escape.

We finally get to fully meet Modi, Thor's son, which was revealed in issue 16. We learn where he's been all this time, and his plans for the future. Usually, I'm not a fan of the world of Asgard, and it's cast of characters, but I found myself drawn to the father-son power struggle here, and where it will lead us. In addition, Modi's back story was incredibly interesting, and it makes him an very compelling character. A part of me actually feels bad for the guy. Writer Sam Humphries has done an amazing job with this book so far, and I feel he's the perfect fit.

The last page of this issue is insane, and I mean that in the best way possible. The second to last panel may leave you yelling "oh (expletive deleted)!" It's another big turning point that will get the reader incredibly excited about the next issue.

Miles Morales is on the Ultimates in this issue! If you've been reading ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, then you know he's been working to be a part of this team. He doesn't play a pivotal role here, but it's nice to see him on the team.

The Bad

Some minor complaints about the art. The faces in medium shots look a bit weird, at times. I noticed a bit of repetition of characters looking shocked. Sure, there's some shocking moments here, but not every moment needed a reaction shot from other characters.

The Verdict

This was a stellar issue of ULTIMATES. There's lots of great twists and turns here as Hydra and Modi take on the United States as it slowly repairs itself. We get a full introduction to Modi, who he is, and what makes him a powerful force to battle, and the finale of this issue is a jaw dropping moment.

On the downside, I had a few problems with too many reaction shots.

Overall, I love this series and issue and I highly recommend it. It's currently my favorite ongoing Marvel title.


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