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Best of the Worst

And here goes for the first review... 
This whole vampire run has grown pretty tiresome.  It worked in Curse of the Mutants but it felt so forced here.  I would like if they worked in that Giant Man to be the new Goliath but knowing Millar he'd just kill him soon after.  I don't mind that they just had Cap's formula work it out in the end or the way he finally ended it, but it wasn't enough for a 6 issue run.  All that business with Blade, Stick, new Daredevil....useless.  The first run of the this team was pretty good with the Red Skull and Red Wasps origins.  Round 2 with the double Ghost Riders/Punisher Cap wasn't as good but still held some promise.  Despite this issue being the best of the run ,this volume is for sure a big step down for the series.
The Greg Land cover isn't so bad...for Land but the interior art doesn't particularly win me over either.  I'm not a big fan of the look on Nerd Hulk and Cap. 

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