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The pride and joy of her father, The Word, Ultima was trained at a young age through meditation and discipline, which enabled her to discover her superhuman strength. As a member of her father's cult, Ultima fell in love with a young man, Randolph Harrison. She-Hulk, hired by Randolph's parents, infiltrated the Word's headquarters and attempted to rescue Randolph. Ultima, upon catching She-Hulk's alter ego Jennifer Walters conversing with Randolph, became enraged and attempted to apprehend her. However, Jennifer Walters soon became She-Hulk, and escaped from Ultima.

Ultima, upset at her loss, refused to tell the Word the situation out of fear that it would disappoint him. She later attended the trial of the Word, and when Jennifer Walters fled the courtroom and turned into She-Hulk, Ultima followed her and attacked. Ultima was able to hold her own for some time before finally facing defeat. The Word persuaded Randolph to aid Ultima in battle while She-Hulk held a car over Ultima's body, threatening to crush the girl. Randolph body-slammed She-Hulk, forcing the car from her hands and nearly killing Randolph. However, Ultima jumped in the way, saving Randolph but suffering a spinal injury. Paralyzed and mute, Ultima was taken in by her father, who swore never to speak again.

However, the Word soon went back on his vows, and used his abilities to nurse Ultima back to full health. Stronger than ever, Ultima ambushed Human Torch and the Thing, but was eventually reverted back to her paralysis after witnessing her father's defeat and shattering her confidence.

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