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In the 2260's, Type-II Phasers were distinguished with an obvious similarity to a gun. These phasers came in a mixture of color from black and white, gray and black, and gray and copper. The 2260's model had a detectable barrel and trigger frame with a prolonged handle or power pack. The power pack was able to perform quickly and changed out and "reloaded".


The Type-II Phasers were primarily used in defensive situations. It had an amount of functions varying from a weapon to a cutting tool (able to cut through a bulkhead), explosive device, or energy source. It also stored a large amount of energy. Most phasers were recognized by an approximate pistol appearance or gun-type architecture. It shoots out a focused energy blast with a beam-like structure or an unwavering stream. The power source from six phasers were able to launch a small craft into an orbit that was not able to be maintained around a planet for several hours. If it ever happened to be overloaded, the Type-II Phasers had enough magnitude to destroy a large section of a starship.

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