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The Two Rivers is located in Western Andor. It is bordered to the north by the river Tarendrelle, to the south by the White River, to the west by the Mountains of Mist and to the east by the Waterwood. It is a provincial and generally quiet area, predominated by small farming communities. It was once the seat of the powerful empire of Manetheren, which fell during the Trolloc Wars. Ostensibly a part of Andor, the area has gone unvisited by official personnel or tax collectors for some time; most inhabitants are unaware that they are part of Andor, and those that do know don't care. Most of Andor ignores their existence as well. The Two Rivers has been noted for the high number of fairly powerful channelers it has turned out in recent years, among them Nynaeve al'Meara and Egwene al'Vere. Inhabitants of the Two Rivers have recently risen up against invasions by the Trollocs and Children of the Light. Most currently follow the man they have proclaimed to be Lord of the region, Perrin Aybara. The region has also been witness to an influx of immigrants as people from nearby areas attempt to escape turmoil in their home regions.

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