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Molly and her twin, Jane, were born on Apokolips and were meant to become members of the Female Furies.  The two girls fled from Apokolips and arrived in England on Earth sometime in the middle ages.

As a New God, Molly had the power of immortality and she also had the ability to resurrect the recently dead.  She used her abilities to help people during the middle ages around the time of the Black Death.  Her sister, Jane, was powerless however and died from the plague.  Molly had overused her abilities and couldn't use them to save Jane.  She cursed God for her loss and hoped to use her powers to get back and him.  She wandered the planet alone for centuries planning.


Twilight was created by writer Peter David and artist Gary Frank.

Major Arcs

When she met the Earth-Born Angel of Fire, Supergirl, she decided to get back at God by destroying one of his Angels.   Twilight learned how to tap into the darkness of her own soul, and project blasts of inky shadows, an ability she used to attack Supergirl.

She later found out her sister Jane was alive and being held by the Demon Queen Lilith.  Lilith blackmailed Twilight into working for her.  Lilith attacked the recently separated Matrix and captured her and had Twilight guard her.

When Linda Danvers came to rescue Matrix, she and Twilight fought.  The battle came to end however when Linda managed to rescue Jane.  Lilith fought the women and fatally injured Twilight.  Linda Danvers convinced Matrix to bond with Twilight to save her.  Twilight then used her powers to restore Linda Danvers' previous power levels.

Twilight's whereabouts are unknown. She may have been wiped out by Infinite Crisis.

Physical Statistics

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

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