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Tul'uth Kills Bill Kinmont
Tul'uth Kills Bill Kinmont
After a drunken night out after the end of a baseball game the Portland Loggers made a pact with Tu’luth to win a percentage of there games in exchange for there souls to keep them within the championship little realizing that the deal would still be valid to who ever played on that ground and some thirty years later it would finally expire. When Stephen Strange and Casey Kinmont discover the true nature of the game they were watching Tu’luth appears. 
Quickly capturing and mocking Strange for his recent fall from grace, as Casey’s Grandfather Bill valiantly try’s to fight for his players lives he is incinerated by Tul'uth. Leaving Strange and his young friend magically bound Tul'uth returned to the game as the catcher, tormenting the incoming players with what fate awaits them should they fail. Much to Tul'uth’s surprise a freed Steven Strange takes to the field. As Steven misses two strikes only a last minute intervention from Casey allows him to run though the hoard of monsters assembled on the field clinching the game and trapping Tul'uth within the baseball, a ‘Victim of his own rules’.        

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