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 Trull the Unhuman inhabits a powerful steam shovel.
Trull the Unhuman inhabits a powerful steam shovel.

Trull the Unhuman is an alien entity that came to Earth when the anti-magnetic reactors on its rocket ship started to fail. The ship crashed in Africa and the alien from the Delta Centurius Galaxy had a unique ability, it could separate their life essence from the confines of their physical body. Trull in its protoplasmic like form slithered into the jungle seeking a new body to inhabit. Trull would bring life to the most powerful steam shovel ever designed by an engineer named Phil when it penetrated the molecules of this lifeless, steel vehicle. Trull would come to life when Phil attempted to demonstrate the steam shovel's capabilities. Trull threaten to destroy Phil and his companions unless they become his slaves and serve him. The humans reluctantly agreed when Trull picked up a massive boulder and threatened to smash them with it. Trull made his slaves gather various minerals and vegetation to study and he would work out scientific formulas to help it understand the planet. Trull even built a television to look into the civilized world where his natural instinct to destroy, attack and conquer began to stir. Trull saw New York City on the television and had plans to scatter a special pollen that would grow into incredible vegetation at an accelerated rate to overwhelm and destroy the city. Trull also had plans to use his gamma anti-matter ray to reduce all military vehicles and weapons to insect proportions so they would be harmless to the mighty one. Trull wanted to wage war against our civilization and had his captives start building a new rocket ship. Phil and his companions had to warn the world of Trull so they tried to contact numerous military installations with a short wave transmitter but no one would believe their story of a living steam shovel. The next day, Phil's ex-girlfriend Gloria had enough of Trull's torment and tried to escape into the jungle. Trull gave chase so Phil tried to protect his former love from the monstrous machine. Suddenly a large elephant started charging towards Trull and it turned out to be the elephant that Phil saved from a savage beating. The elephant pummeled into Trull's mechanical form until it cracked the engine cylinders. The steam shovel was rendered useless so Trull separated itself from its former body and fled into the jungle.


Trull the Unhuman was created by Dick Ayers and Jack Kirby in 1962 and first appeared in Tales To Astonish # 21.

Mayor Story Arcs

Heavens on Fire

Trull attacks Ghost Rider.
Trull attacks Ghost Rider.

Trull would be recruited by Blackout alongside the Orb, Big Wheel, Scarecrow, Vengeance, Deacon and Madcap as Zadkiel's muscle. Zadkiel is a renegade angel that has waged war on Heaven. Zadkiel wants to prevent Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch from finding the gateway to Heaven and to kill the Anti-Christ named Anton Satan whom the Ghost Riders and his friends are trying to protect. Big Wheel would come into conflict with the Ghost Riders and toss Ketch into a ravine where he falls several hundred feet near a construction site. Trull reveals himself to Ketch and attacks Ghost Rider. The living steam shovel tries to flatten Ketch but he grabs the monstrous machine and tosses Trull with his supernatural strength. Trull is damaged and tells Ketch that he will rule the Earth once Zadkield rules Heaven. Ketch had enough of his mouth and smashed the steam shovel with a large tree. Trull moved his life essence into another buzzsaw vehicle but Ghost Rider destroyed that as well. Trull would jump from machine to machine until there was a chainsaw left. Ghost Rider stomped the chainsaw into pieces and Trull was left with no machines for it to inhabit in sight.

Powers & Abilities

Trull is an alien entity that can separate its life essence from the confines of its physical body and can merge into any vehicle or machine to give it life. Trull would possess the strength and ability of the machine it has possessed. Trull's most common form was a powerful steam shovel that had a strong, steel frame and was capable of picking up tons of debris.

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