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Truck was an older bully who was playing football against a small kid named Gerbil and his friends. Gerbil hurt his knee during the game when Truck knocked him down. Gerbil's team was a  man short so Spider Man decided to play for them but he couldn't use any of his powers and had to tie one arm behind his back. During that time, an alien being named A'sai infiltrated the home of Uatu the Watcher and captured him with a weapon that once belonged to Galactus. A'sai wanted the weapons of the Watchers but Uatu would rather die than aid the infiltrator. A'sai offered a wager to bet on and Uatu agreed. If A'sai won his bet then he would receive the arsenal of the Watchers but if Uatu won, then he would live and get A'sai's weapon. A'sai frees Uatu from his energy shackles and shows the events going on throughout the universe. Uatu shows A'sai the football game going on between Spider-Man and the kids. A'sai notices that Truck and his team are up fifty-six to nothing and decides to choose the red team. Gerbil and his team are a bit down because they are down such a huge deficit with only one quarter remaining. Spider-Man would rally his troops with an inspiring speech after they score one touchdown and start a comeback of the century. A'sai starts to worry when the score is fifty-six to forty-five with one minute to play so he transmits power to Truck which grants him enhanced strength. Truck would hurt one of his opponent's and Spider-Man's team is forced to forfeit because they would be short one player. Gerbil who was hurt in the beginning of the game would sub in for his friend and end up scoring the winning touchdown when he bulls over Truck. A'sai loses the bet so the Watcher turns him into a joker on a deck of playing cards from Bally's Casino.   


Truck was created by Jim Shooter and Sal Buscema in 1988 and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man # 34. 

Powers & Abilities

Truck was granted enhanced strength for a short period of time after A'sai transmitted some power to him. 

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