Trinity War: what is known prior to Christmas

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Previously, I had wrote about what the Trinity War has to do to avoid the problems of Civil War and Avengers vs X-Men

Now, lets see what we have so far.

Geoff Johns works

Too much Booster
Too much Booster

As the main writer of DC's biggest hits (Aquaman, Green Lantern and the ever tricky Justice League, Geoff is doing a lot ot start up the Trinity War, more than what I could pick up from Marvel's combat events

That fateful month, you had Superman and Wonder Woman Kiss...which appears to have caused Booster Gold to vanish....apparently killed off in part by Rip Hunter, and you have Amanda Waller ask Graves to give her a way to take down the Justice League

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Then you have Cheetah, who appears to have an alliance with Black Manta...who is currently imprisoned by Waller.

In Aquaman, we have a brewing Civil War, which is crossing over with the Justice League, and in Green Lantern we have Hal Jordan currently 'dead', and Simon Baz currently at odds with the Justice League

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Then we have the JLA, with the roots of it already starting in his plays, and beyond even him

Hawkman and Green Arrow

I've lost track of who is writing these guys, but look at this

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They are working together, which might explain why they are going to be on the JLA together.

Scott Lobdell

Hate him for Red Robin if you will, he provides two bits of information I believe are big

First, in Teen Titan's, we have two things

While retrieving Wonder Girl's armor from Diesel, Tim Drake finds a Mark of the Trinity, which he then get connected to Trigon, a demon we know as a mildly dangerous threat to all of existence

Then, we have this scene

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The supposedly dead husband of Black Canary, who was brought out of sleep by Waller, is currently playing something with the head of Titan Solistce. Basically, in scenes like this he is saying he can turn her body back to normal, if she acts good....and if he's working with Waller, Good is not something we want to deal with.

Then in Superman, recent solicits from the Justice League's presence don't show Aquaman. Could that imply Throne of Atlantis will cost the JL more members?

Dan Dido

The writer for Phantom Stranger also has hints

Phantom Stranger 2
Phantom Stranger 2

You may notice how these two had crossed paths, again. Here, Pandora showed off her little skull, claiming how it can 'free her', but needs a pure soul to open it. This skull appeared in the Free Comic Book day ad for Trinity War, suggesting that this is a major event.

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Now, most of this information come from what books I have read or from what I have managed to gleam. I can't tell you if JLD has hints, or if Stormwatch, Flash or Scott's Batman (I admit that I got into comics when Teen Titans 5 came out, ad by the time I managed to start buying Batman books, 5 was out of print).

It shows a building of possible points from at least five writers, all elements connecting to the idea of a DC Civil War, spanning back to at least Justice League 8 where we saw Aquamana and Green Arrow not getting along. Far more development for a Hero War than Marvel has done.

DO you guys have anything else to add, or any comments.

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It seems that Pandora, Phantom Stranger and Question will each have heroes working for them. Batman's team is maybe working for Pandora. Superman and Wonder Woman are in another team and Martian Manhunter's team has already started. The villains could be working for another party.

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So if trigon has an important part to play in the Trinity War, then i guess we might see Raven battle against him. Just like the good ol' days.

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Or Shazam

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I'm late in this but I noticed every team (at least big league teams) seem to have a Trinity of there own. They'll probably be handling their own little wars of there own while a select group of 3 different teams play out a bigger battle in the name of Pandora, The Question, and The Phantom Stranger.

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