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Where is this going?

Your guess is as good as mine.  
In this issue, with the Crime Syndicate effectively taken care of, the forces of the Anti-Matter earth have fallen into Anarchy as everyone fights everyone else for control.  Whatever the &%$# is going on with John Stewart figures out a way for everyone to head back their own universes, but before they do a group of aliens sent by Despero attack and plant a mysterious symbol on Superman's forehead.
I think I've figured out what the problem with this title is.  Busiek has a LARGE 52-issue story that he's concocted.  The problem with that, is that in every issue we get we only see a microscopic portion of that story.  It's like reading war a book and you're only reading one page a day.  To top it off, only half of each issue focuses on the Trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  The other half tells us stories from the perspective of others.
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