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Trigo fighting Klud
Trigo fighting Klud

Trigo was born along with his two brothers, Brag and Klud, as the leader of a large tribe of nomads called Vorgs on the planet Elekton. All three brothers shared equal rights, but Trigo always commanded the most the respect from his people so he was always seen as the natural leader. In time his vision of a great empire came to realization under his leadership. And as such, he was crowned emperor of the very empire he created.


The writer who thought up the character is Mike Butterworth who worked for the publisher Fleetway. He took his influence from the Roman Empire. This was in 1965. The actual design however was drawn by the artist Don Lawrence.

Character evolution

Trigo underwent a big transformation over the years. He started of leading his tribe of Vorgs from a young age along with his two brothers. Over the years he found that the world around changed to quickly and they had to change with it, or be left behind. His brothers did not agree with him but ultimately agreed to join him. From there he went from leading a small tribe to leading a large empire.

Major story arcs

Klud vs Trigo: Fight between brothers
Klud vs Trigo: Fight between brothers

The first arc revolves around the rise of the empire. The world changed around Trigo and he saw his people didn't change with it. Other races were far more advanced in technology than they were. War was bound to break out between the power hungry races and he needed to keep his people safe. Under his orders they started building a city but it quickly crumbled, the walls couldn't support the weight of their own structure. It took the help from the architect Peric to help build the city. Peric only agreed to help Trigo if he would take in the people of his destroyed home and Trigo agreed to the terms, partially because they were technologically advanced which Trigo could use to his advantage.

His brother Klud saw the trust people had in his brother and he grew jealous. He wanted to rule the empire on his own so he tried to assassinate Trigo in his sleep. This however failed and Trigo would face him in combat honorably according to their ancient laws. Trigo won but could not kill his brother, his brother however had already made a small cut on Trigo's arm with a poisoned knife. As Trigo collapsed to the ground Klud escaped. Klud banned together with his newfound allies against Trigo, but Brag (trigo's other brother) stopped his invasion until Trigo was healed. Trigo quickly took control again and defeated the invasion force. From there on his empire continued to grow until it was the mightiest empire on the planet after several adventures.


Trigo is peak human, he regurarly engages in excercise. He's an excellent swordsman, a brilliant strategist and a strong leader. He is skilled with fire arms and is great at riding a horse. He fights large dragon like creatures on a regular basis on his own and comes out victorious. He's a great hand to hand fighter mostly wrestling.

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