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Decimating the island
Decimating the island

A test subject for the USA's Super-Soldier Program during World War II, Trenton Craft received treatments that gave him vast telekinetic powers. Outfitted as Colonel America, Craft was first deployed to Yokohama, Japan in 1944; he lost control of his powers, devastating the island and its entire population.

Craft retried from service and every record of his existence was erased. His powers retarding his aging over the decades, Craft eventually commanded Vanguard, a highly classified superhuman anti-terror squad composed of Blade, Micromax, the Black Widow, Dominic Fortune and the memory-altering Retcon.

When terrorist group Al Qaeda learned about Vanguard after capturing and torturing Micromax, they had telepathic operative, Jaafar Yoosuf possess NYPD Detective Stacy Dolan, using her to shoot and seemingly kill Craft; saved by his powers, Craft healed himself following his autopsy. Vanguard's agents, unaware of Yoosuf's involvement or Craft's survival, descended on Dolan, intending to kill her.

Craft tortures Blade
Craft tortures Blade

Meanwhile Craft, learning Vanguard's secrecy had been compromised decided to kill everyone involved to prevent Vanguard's black operations becoming public knowledge. Retcon used her powers to convince Craft that he had already killed Dolan and the rest of Vanguard, allowing them to escape.

Craft later discovered Retcon's duplicity and briefly captured and tortured Blade to locate the others, but Blade either escaped or was released, and it is uncertain if Craft's hunt for his former agents has been abandoned; Craft himself continues to serve with Vanguard alongside a replacement Retcon.

Powers & Abilities

Craft uses his powers to raise a jeep
Craft uses his powers to raise a jeep

Craft's massive telekinetic powers enable him to control matter at the subatomic level. He can disassemble matter down to its component protons, electrons and neutrons, completely disintegrating objects or people. His power has slowed his aging, making him appear in early middle age despite his advanced years. He can heal his own body, even recovering from a full autopsy. He has been described as potentially one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

Due to his military and black-ops training, he is also incredibly skilled in unarmed combat and combined with his telekinetic powers, make him an almost unstoppable force.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 189 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blond

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