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Toru Shiro is Tokiko Magami’s sister. She was born in a family of kagenie. She met at High School Saya Mono and Kyogo Mono. They became friends. But Saya had more feelings for Toru than friendship. She was very close of her sister until the day she was pregnant of Kamui Shiro. Kamui is the son of a special person and he would be born for the Earth. Each Magami must choose someone to protect. Toru is the best kagenie of Magamis. So she decides to protect the Earth until 1999.



When she meets again Saya, she learns Saya is married with Kyogo. She did that for Toru. She knew that a woman must sacrifice at Togakushi Shrine in order to give birth to the Sacred Sword. She accepted to do a loveless marriage for the person she loves. She accepts to die at the Togakushi Shrine instead of Toru. She gives birth to the sacred sword for her.

Toru decides to live Tokyo after the death of Saya. She teaches her son how to be strong in order to be prepared for the “Jour de la Promesse”.

Six years past; Toru cannot support anymore her duty of kagenie. The global warming is too important for her. She burns herself into fire and tells her son to go back to Tokyo.

Powers and Abilities



Tokiko decides to protect the Earth until 1999.

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