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Tony Dumont first appeared on the comics scene with the explosive Flaming Carrot website in July of 2012.

He had been working with Bob Burden as his colorist, web master and public relations consultant since he and Bob first imagined Bob’s comeback to comics utilizing 21st century technology. He is also instrumental in Burden’s production of anything that needs to be taken to print, from comic books and graphic novels to trading cards and T-shirts.

Dumont is also a prolific digital artist in his own right, who was an active participant on DeviantArt, having posted thousands of contributions over a span of many years.

Tony was brought to Bob's attention for his incredibly diverse skills, several years after Tony had dropped out of the corporate world. In his last “real” job, he managed a team of programmers at a hedge fund whose mission was to develop artificial intelligence in order to monitor financial trends.

Dumont’s experience in areas of programming that are straight out of 1930’s pulp adventure are essential to the various websites which will be linking the dozens of Bob Burden domains, documenting the exploits of Burdenian characters from the past, present and future.

In November of 2012, Tony was credited in the comic book world for the first time, on the credit page of THE WILD SHALL WILD REMAIN compilation. He is credited as the Production Manager.

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