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 Tome is a magical book created by the Egyptian god horus, to protect the spirit of  justice 
whenever it is in danger. In order to take form Tome must possess a Physical body, also 
changing that bodies appearance. Once Tome has served his purpose he returns to the  
form of a book.


Character Evolution

In "The New Shadowhawk #1" Tome possess the body of Mickey lippincott, a student who 
steels Tome from a book shop with plans to sell him for financial issues. Later Mickey is  
possessed by the spirit Tome. Although Mickey is possessed by Tome he is still aware of his 
surroundings. Tome doesn't stay in his physical form from the start of his quest to the end,  
he sometimes reverts to his book form, it is Mickey who then allows himself to be possessed  
due to his curiosity and amazement.

Major Story Arcs

When Tome is first summoned he isn't aware that his duty is to protect the spirit of justice,  
however he does since a distressed spirit and goes in pursuit to find it. After Traversing threw   
time Tome finds that this spirit can be traced throughout all of history, always in the form of a hero,  
currently in the form of shadowhawk.

After many travels Tome learns the spirits origin, and of a being called "Bone man" who once  
sought and succeeded in destroying the spirits of justice. By summoning all of the spirits of  
good into one human body and killing it, he was able to rid the earth of the justice spirit,or so the thought.

After the justice spirit was destroyed humanity fell apart. Many tried to restore the spirit of justice 
but all failed, until one day the god horus came to earth and gathered the fragments of the justice 
spirit, and bestowed two gifts onto the world, one was the spirit fragments that would pass from  
generation to generation appearing as heroic figures who would protect humanity, and the other  
was Tome, the book that would protect the spirits if they ever find themselves in danger.

When Tome learns his purpose he goes to find the spirit fragments living on earth, then rejoins  
them in one body, but when he does, the power hungry Bone Man comes threw to our world in  
attempts to absorb Tome and the justice spirit in order to take their power, but Tome, Shadowhawk,  
and a few humans are able to drive the spirit back, blocking him from our world. Afterwards Tome  
returns to his original form, until he is needed again.

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