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A train hurtling toward Transylvania carries among its passengers Jack Russell, the Werewolf, his companion, a witch named Topaz, and the vampire hunters Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing. The former couple hope to find clues to Jack's heritage, and a cure for his curse, while the latter pair stalk Dracula, who has reached his castle and prepares for their arrival as well as his return to England. In a Parisian catacomb, Quincy Harker, meanwhile, has found the body of Blade, where Dracula left him. Shocked by this, Harker nonetheless is about to plunge a steak through Blade's heart to prevent the vampiric curse from taking hold.

Having arrived in Transylvania, Jack and Topaz find lodging at an inn. In the tavern, she is pawed by a boor named Scratcher Martin, who gets punched by Jack. Later, after more drinknig, Martin bursts into the couples' room, where Jack has become the Werewolf, who leaps at the drunk. Their struggle takes them to the street where the man-beast ends Martin's life. Topaz calms the Werewolf, but they are soon set upon by Dracula. Topaz drives the vampire lord away with her telepathic abilities, and he finds another victim.

The next afternoon, Jack and Topaz explore his father's home, Russoff Manor, and discover the Baron's locked diary. Pulling a tab hanging from the book, they open a hidden passage which ends in a vantage point providing a view of Castle Dracula. Jack suspects his answers lie there, and they proceed, but as they near, Dracula sees them and swoops to attack. In his bat form, he carries Topaz into the castle. While she holds him at bay, the full moon rises, and Jack, now the Werewolf finds them. The two creatures battle, until Dracula appears to gain the upper hand. [TBC in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #15.]

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