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Red Lamp figured some of you might be interested in a “behind the scenes” look of my big ego trip last week… * AHEM * … that is, the DARK PINCHUK video we had up.  You can have fun comparing what’s on the page to what’s on the screen, and then further by putting this side-by-side with the DARK KNIGHT screenplay I so hastily emulated.

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Thanks goes to where thanks is due, and I’ll voice my gratitude to those who helped me finally (and so graphically) realize this impression I’ve done as a party favor for the past two years. First, thanks to my friend, make-up artist Megan Flynn, who made the prosthetic scars and lent me some grease paint and spirit gum for their application. Everybody check out her website - - Colors and Creatures. Second, I’ll thank Babs for applying the make-up and hairspray so skillfully. I know she got a special, perverse enjoyment out of getting to pour baby oil right down into my open eyes when it came time to remove the make-up. And third, I put my thanks to “Master of Sight and Sound” JoeyF for shooting, editing and inserting all the effects into the video. It really has been a lifelong dream of mine to stand in front of a wall of fire and he made that dream come true.

If I can find my camera, I’ll post up some personal “production stills” from the shoot. In the meantime, enjoy these screengrabs. If you liked the video, beware... there's a good chance we'll do more.








-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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I was expecting a video, but this is nice too

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This was an awsome video. I thought it was so cool. I wish you guys had made more of these.
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Yes! I want more! XD (...that's what she said...)

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Can't believe Tom didn't thank L'il G-Girl for her green hair spray paint...

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@G-Man: Doh! And, of course, a thousand thanks to the spawn of G-Man. I suppose I ought to thank the tailor who made my jacket, too.
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 I'm glad to have made your dream of standing in front of a wall of fire come true, Tom!
I hope we do get to make more of these.  It was a blast.

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@The Psyentist said:
"Yes! I want more! XD (...that's what she said...) "

You're too funny!!  LMAO! 

Man, I enjoyed that video.  It looked like everyone had fun, it was very colorful loved the impression of Joker.  
 Still laughing at Red L.A.M.P. getting the banana in the eye socket.   He's got eye appeal.

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I want to be one of LAMP's henchmen!
we can call ourselves the shades...get it? lamp shades.
Man I'm so witty!Someone should award me for being so witty! <--sarcasm as always

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@Tom Pinchuk said:
I suppose I ought to thank the tailor who made my jacket, too. "
Please, don't.
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you look like scott bakula sometimes

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