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Tol-Wes is the leader of the Brekk, a people whose homeworld is known as Brekknis
He was allied with the Ama Collective, but not by his own choice. The Ama Collective had forced their Utopia society on him and his people and forced them to renounce their religion. When the Silver Surfer came to their planet in order to stop a 'ghost' which attacked every night, Tol-Wes and his people believed him to be their savior, known to them as the Lightlord.
Tol-Wes informed the Surfer that they did not wish to be a part of the Ama's society and how they were forced. Tol wished for the Surfer to lead them against their oppressors, but the Surfer refused. In a plot to begin a war that the Ama wanted, they used the belief that the Surfer was a savior to the Brekk in order to get them to start the conflict. 
They Surfer used his own ploy to scare the two peoples into not starting a war by having a cosmic being make the image of Galactus appear before the planets. Whoever was to strike first was to have their planet consumed. Tol and the Empress seemed to be negotiating, but soon learned of the Surfer's trick. They planned to make sure that both appeared to make the first move in the war. 
The Brekk and the Ama began their war, and the Surfer left them behind to their fates.

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