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The infinite sadness

Todd went to the same high school as Ramona and Ramona left Lucas Lee for Todd. They both dated and did bad things until Todd left to become a vegan. He returned and showed Ramona his love by making a hole in the moon. Then Todd left for Vegan academy. Todd then went out with Envy Adams who was his childhood friend and she was so in love with him that she cheated on Scott with him. Envy then left Scott for Todd and they formed the band Clash at the Demonhead as bass which became extremely popular. In the present, the band came to Toronto to place at Lee's palace and to fight Scottt Pilgrim. After the bands first show they all meet up with Sex bob-omb, Julie, Young Neil, and Knives. After hours of Envy talking, Scott finally leaped at Todd but Todd used his vegan powers to throw Scott threw a wall and into a dumpster. Scott tried fighting but Todd's powers were to good. Envy then said they will finish tomorrow at Honest Eds at 1 Pm. When the day came, Todd and scott's objectives were to go into Honest Eds, go to the back of the store, and fight each other until one of them wins. Todd was also told to not use his powers as a handicap for Scott. They then entered and were being terrorized by the low prices. They finally reached the back and Todd made a gun out of household appliances, but the store was too good for him and ended up using his powers to destroy the store. It ended in a tie. Later on the day of Clash of the Demonhead's last show in Toronto. The band was eating in a restaurant and Todd was breaking Vegan rules by eating gelato but justified himself saying "I''m a rockstar I can do anything". It also shows that he's having an affair with the bands drummer Lynette Guycott. On the night of the show, Todd is making out with Lynette while Envy is fighting Ramona. Todd finally came out of the bathroom with Lynette's underwear on his head and Envy found out and became very furious. Envy ripped of Lynette's bionic arm and tried hitting Todd with Ramona's hammer. Todd catches the hammer with his powers and tries to calm her down by telling her he loves her and wouldn't hurt her. Envy replies with a kick in the balls which made Todd angry and punched Envy. Scott came and fought Todd, Scott and Todd then had a bass fight but Todd won because he actually knows how to play the bass. Then Crash and the boys come out and create a barrier to protect Scott and give him a chance to land a blow on Todd. Todd then caught Scotts blow and threw against a counter. Then out of nowhere the vegan police showed up and removed Todd's powers because he ate gelato and chicken parmasean. Powerless, Scott then headbutted Todd defeated him. Todd turned into coins and an extra life.

Other Media

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Todd Ingram is played by Brandon Routh.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Todd Ingram appears as the fourth world boss in line with his appearance on the comics. He is first seen when the Clash at Demonhead arrive in a stretch limo to the venue. (The limo is a nod to Knight Rider). After the player has navigated the venue and defeated both Lynette Guycott and Envy Adams, Todd will appear and begin chasing the players through the back rooms of the studio. Once they reach the end Todd will challenge them to a Guitar Hero like Bass Battle. Once Todd has strutted his stuff the player will just proceeded to bash Todd over the head with the bass guitar and the real battle begins. Todd will uses his telekinesis to choke players(nod to Darth Vader) when they are in front of him. Todd will also uses a retaliatory shock attack of he is damaged and will use the debris as a projectile weapon. Todd's ultimate attack is dubbed the Vegahameha where he hulks out and launches his arm made up of mismatched vegetables. (nod to Tetsuo from Akira or K9999 from King of Fighters) The vegan police will appear to stun Todd for free hits. Once he is defeated Todd explodes into $15.95 in coins and an extra life.

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