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An ancient far-eastern monk, sitting "above the very center of the earth," monitors evil throughout the Third World.  Whenever there's trouble, he sends word to Valleyville, USA, by making high school student Tod Holton's green beret glow.  When Tod puts the cap on and salutes, the telepathic powers of the old monk instantly transport Tod to the trouble spot as Super Green Beret
Whenever his mission is finished, Super Green Beret salutes again and is once more Tod Holton of Valleyville, USA.  Back home, Tod has a girlfriend named Barbie. 


A captain by rank, the hero's physical powers are only slightly greater than those of a well-developed human being.  Although he can outwrestle a lion, lift giant boulders, and fling people about with ease, he can be hurt by poison, fire, bullets and other obstacles.  His greatest asset is his ability to teleport by saluting.  He can also travel backward through time.

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