X-Men Toad

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Does anyone know much about Toad. I know his character is a bottom feeder but I am a fan for some weird reason.
Plus does anyone have AIM?
My username: toadmaster500
Feel free to drop me a line

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@ToadFan2004: Toad started out as a weak mutant with a bizzare appearance so he was given the nickname "Toad" by everyone who considered him to be nothing more than a freak! However, Toad was still fast, agile, energetic and loyal to anyone who treated him with some level of kindness. So when he met up with Magneto's Brotherhood he was tolerated to the point where he was convinced that he had finally found a group of friends. Sadly, Toad was still devoid of the respect he needed and wanted. So he went on various misadventures to find acceptance but they usually endedin tragic failiure until one day Toad was somehow mutated into a more powerful body and became more of a threat. Unfortunately, Toad still seems to get the shaft and as far as I know is still trying to get the respect of his fellow mutants in spite of the fact that he just isn't that lame!

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