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I meant to make this blog ages ago but I forgot until now. I reacurring character in moon knight is his best friend Frenchie. During an old (but good) story arc Frenchies legs were crushed by his brother (or so we were led to believe). After it happened Frenchie was wheelchair bound yet in the 2006 run of moon knight Frenchies legs were amputated off and he was walking on crutches instead. More recent versions of Frenchie has his legs back and either sat in a wheelchair or gets around using crutches. Now I am not an artist or (in my opinion) a good writer but shouldn't basic facts about the character be known to the creative team in charge of the character? Another example of mis-communication is the xmen character toad. Since his movie appearence and ultimate appearence creative teams have messed up on his skin Pigmentation. Now whether the artist prefers him green or white (I prefer green) shouldn't be allowed to change a character in such a graphic way just because of preferene. The hulk was originally grey but changed to green because it was a cheaper colour then grey but what if now days an artist wanted to make him grey again, they couldn't simply change it ranodmly they'd need a good story and even then the change would be met with outrage and resistance. Shouldn't all characters be trated with the same respect / restraint? I would like to apologise I appeared to have gome off topic but i think the question is worth staying.

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A pity he couldn't just get some robotic legs!

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