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OH, it's time for,,, more Roy Harper overkill!

Roy Harper, does anybody care about him anymore? the Arsenal miniseries was a complete monstrosity, James Robinson's magic trick ofhaving Roy lose his arm(although I'm not doubting his skills as a writer) was defintley the last straw for me. Amazing how this is what spins out of it. 
The story starts with Cheshire, who is in a cemetary visiting the grave of Lian Harper. Who would show up but Roy Harper(now going by his totally out of style 90s yet original name Arsenal) Roy, Roy, Roy, out to comfort Jade, aren't you? OH no, you're out to make her feel the weight of their loss! Well, Jade makes a deal with Roy to kill Slade. Ok, now aside from that small fling in Villains United, why would Cheshire want to kill Deathstroke? A small interlude featruing a man talking about the dissappearence of Christoff Brockman, we find Cinder in the"Labyirinth, Gosh, it projects your thoughts says Cinder! Tattoed Man walks in on her, and views her "thoughts". When they walk outside "the labyrinth", POsiris confronts them. WHat? What? Reading this a second time over, I realized the "you don't scare me comment from Osiris to Tattoed Man, I felt lie "WTF" Well, Tattoed Man throws some shurikins at Osiris. Oh, and the reason Osiris is confronting Cinder is that last issue, Osiris assumed that Cinder melted the statues of Black Adam. And Osiris, if you hate them, go with what Jade's doing! Osiris then gets his White lantern vision, a sign  of empowerment from defeat. Strnge transition there, Amon! So, We flash to Cheshire again, and she's ambushing, a man named Mr Parker.. Cheshire is defated by Mr. Parker, and goes back to "the labyrinth", and ambushes Slade, only to be confronted by Arsenal, who broke his "promise" with Cheshire, Suprise, Suprise! Arsenal then joins the Titans. Do you have streamers, party hats, balloons?! 
Although, I've been badmuouthing Eric Wallace beoore, this was a ctually a solid issue. The story feels like to much to handle at one time, 1. I don't want to see Roy Harper at all. 
2.Cheshire wants to kill Deathstroke. 
3.Cheshire wants to kill Arsenal. 
4. Osiris wants to kill Cheshire. 
4. Osiris wants to kill Cinder. 
5.Osiris wants to kill Tattoed Man.

6.Osiris wants to kill Deathstroke 
The dialogue was solid for each of the characters, it stays true to their personalities,I would like the story a little bit more if Roy wasn't in it. The art is defintley the strong part of the issue, the sketchy style fits the dark tone of the book, heavily inked, dark shadows and colors, not too bad, in fact, pretty good, The action scenes were my favorite.  
The art is defintley worth the price of admission, pay little to no attention to the story, heavy contnuity issues, in this one, wich really makes it fun.Great dialogue, great characteriztion for most of the book(especially Roy)  
Good, or bad? I say in between!

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