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The Tiny Titans are a team of kid version super-heroes. The heroes that we all know and love, which are Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Raven, and many more. They are a kid version of Teen Titans. These super toddlers attend a sidekick elementary school and hang out at Titan's Treehouse. The comics usually feature a lot of humor, which is what brings everyone back. They may be tiny, but they can pack a punch. They are the Tiny Titans!

The stories frequently consist of retelling of events of the main continuity but with a humorous twist, for example Darkseid once took Final exams to the boys and he called it the final crisis. The teachers are the regular enemies of the titans of the main continuity, for example Slade Wilson is the principal, also Dr, Light and Raven's father Trigon are regular teachers at the school. The parents or guardians of the children often appear but only from the waist down. The comic also features games and pin-ups at the end of every issue.

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