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Timmy is a troubled boy who learns how to manipulate adults into doing terrible things.   


He was created as a character for Sela and Belinda to battle over and first appeared in Grimm Fairy Tales #20.   

Major Story Arcs 

Timmy first encounters Belinda as she takes Sela's place at a reading of nursery rhymes to children.  While reading much darker version of Jack and Jill, The Old Woman that Lived in a Shoe, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, and Little Boy Blue, most of the listening children are deeply disturbed, all except Timmy.  He informs Belinda that he liked how the stories ended.  It is not evident if the next step occurred before or after this, but Belinda either finds out, or influences him to falsely accuse a man of sexual of physical abuse in his own variation of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Later Sela comes to his rescue as he is trapped in the story of the Snow Queen, and though he may be saved it might be at the expense of someone else.   

Powers and Abilities 

He seems to exhibit some power related to the usual one's of Sela and Belinda, though in a toned down form.  

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