Whats The Guy capable of?

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I Don't read DC comics but i've read that this guy is a Major threat to the good guys and that he rivals other Villains, like comicvine equates him to Darkseid, DS has a Plentyfull Bio descriping his powers  and how to implement them but Time trapper's power set is vague on pretty every site

I really want to Know Why Time manipulation is so hyped and the only Examples of it that i know of is Hiro nakumaru and Zoom. Zoom's use of time is kinda limited to working with his body and Hiro well he's more of a Hinder than help really.

So if anyone can describe some feats this Guy could pull off to give me perspective i'd be thankfull!

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It's kind of...hard to describe. I guess, in the real world, you'd say he has the powers the plot demands like Superman. In canon, he basically controls time and space as he sees fit.

Not like Hiro, or anything. More powerful by at least a hundredfold.

For example, on at least...i think, two occasions...i can immediately think of Time Trapper has created small "pocket universes" (which is exactly what you think it is, a baby reality) mainly to, well, trap and kill his enemies. He's not as physically powerful as Darkseid, most likely, but he has fought characters on par with Superman. Like there is one instance i recall where he pimp smacks Mon-El and says something like "Oh would you just die over there, i'm busy!" so he was more annoyed than angry or anything.

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So  no supersstrength?

I read in a Battle forum he had telepathy? does he?

By Tim/space control is that like Q from Star trek control over the Fundamental forces and the like?

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It also says Teleinkesis how does that happen?

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The Time Trapper should have strength way above the one of Darkseid, considering who the guy under the hood turned out to be

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LOSH v4 #4 Time Trapper actually warped all timelines so that when the LOSH time travel to "superboy's" timeline they end up in his reality


The Time Trapper operates outside the multiverse, him being unaffected by the crisis is specifically attributed to him being beyond the multiverse in Action Comics #595 letter's page, according to the letter the Time Trapper operates outside nor dimensionality:


He's also created realities, from pockets of time.


He's also the embodiment of entropy.LoSH v4 #4


Bio confirmation: from who's who in LoSH #7:


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