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While hunting in Burma, wealthy self indulgent  playboy Bob Benton is mangled by a tiger, while he manages to kill it still manages to wound him enough to doom Bob. He would have died if not for a Burmese medicine man who using magic and the tigers own blood brings Bob back to life.

Soon Bob finds that life is not the only thing that the tiger’s blood has given him, it has also imparted part of it’s fierce power to him. Returning home to America, accompanied by Burmese houseboy Pali and his pet monkey, Bob abandons his self indulgent lifestyle and dedicates himself to helping others in the city of Metropolis (yes Metropolis).

To do this he has a special high-powered car, boat and plane built and then starts handing out flyers announcing "Are you in danger? call Tiger Man!" with his phone number at the bottom. ( and a special amazing machine of his design that answers the phone and records the messages when he’s not around!)

Shown a few times in the comics, when Bob would become Tiger Man, a silhouette or shadow of a tiger appears in the background of the panel.  Now empowered by the might of a tiger when he needs it, becomes the scourge of the underworld.  

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