Is anyone still interested in reading Thundra Genesis?

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Hey everyone i know this is extremely late but i am intending on finishing the 2nd last part of my Thundra Genesis story this weekend (it'll most likely be up by sunday) (great timing right? lol) mainly for the reason that i want to finish the story off, i've gone too far with it just to let it gather dust in the corners of my mind.  
I figure i'm just wondering if anyone is still interested in seeing how the rest of the story plays out. Once again i am so sorry for being late on this i meant to be done with it by the end of 2010 but thats life for you. Anyway if you're still interested feel free to drop me a pm or leave a comment below. Thanks again for the support and i hope you enjoy the final parts of the story if you decide to stick around
(btw if you want to know why i haven't finished it already feel free to ask me too cause its actually a good reason lol i'd put it up on the forum but i don't want to make any excuses since its still my fault either way.)  thanks for the support!!

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@moviegeek17: It's an interesting idea I'll give you that at least!

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