What would DC's Thunderbolts be like?

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Taking the original concept of villains disguised as heroes, what do you think would be a pretty good team? This may have been done in DC before, I don't really follow DC. But list a character and their "new identity" and how they would work. 
aka Mr. Freeze would become "The  Antarctican": Lone survivor of a land where Atlantians lived on a iced island.

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  • The Joker - The Leader 
  • Zoom - Super-Flash 
  • Bizarro - Krypto-Man  
  • Cheetah - Feline 
  • Poison Ivy - Ivy 
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 Lex Luthor- Renaissance Man
Pied Piper- Jukebox Hero  
Mr. Freeze- Dr. Tundra
Ocean Master - Atlantean
Ares- Mars
Dr. Light- Spectrum

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(in direct response to the title question) 

Probably a lot like the Secret Six.

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ya or The Suicide Squad

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@MadHatter2 said:
"ya or The Suicide Squad


I totally agree
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Well the Suicide Squad, Secret Six, Gotham City Sirens, and many others all are reformed villain teams.

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suicide squad is pretty much purposfully DC's answer to the Thudnerbolts. so..yeah.

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@Strafe Prower said:

Well the Suicide Squad, Secret Six, Gotham City Sirens, and many others all are reformed villain teams.

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Gorilla Grodd, Bizzarro, Cheetah, Hitler, and Firefly pretend to be super heroes Gorilla Good, BlockMan, Spotted Claw, Girl Hitler, and HeroicFlame. 
They do to so rule the world while Ace has inadvertently sent Batman, Green Lanturns 1-5, Superman, Wonderwoman, and Beast Boy to the Heroes Retconned universe.  In that universe, Superman is jewish and the Son of God.  And Batman has all the time he needs to prepare.

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