recomend it

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who recomends thunderbolts and why
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@Ultimate JSA: It's a difficult kind of book I suppose. Instead of having the characters such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America who are symbols of heroes, you have characters who might be heroes. Might be villains. Most of them are deciding themselves on a day-to-day basis on whether to save or kill.
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so what villians are cooler to read than heroes anyway like the flash's rogue gallery
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Might be a tad bit of topic but the other day I saw some article on the vine home page asking if villains should get their own series and I was like the f*c*? People are really sleeping on the T-bolts man
I really love the series and its my favorite on the stands right now. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Currently each issue you get more bang for your buck for example they'll complete a mission and start a new one in the same issue! A feat not to be taken lightly in todays economy my friends(or enemies). Unlike other books like that new Dark Wolverine I've been reading this  mutha f bomb only kills one person just to get a costume and I'm suppose to think thats an okay first step in world domination?  Bitch please he could have done all that in the first two pages!   
I guarantee If you read #144 you like it, or anywhere between #110-127 you'll probably fall in love!  

Bottom line I like this book because; they get sh*t done, have Epic fights, give the perspective/persona of the villians as the hero's and the gamble of whether or not they'll be on the straight and narrow or continue their life a villainy.

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Thunderbolts: Faith in Monsters.
Nuff said.

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Yeah, i recommend it because they're awesome.


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