Pediction on turnover?

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I get the feeling this will  be a rather fluid lineup. So how long do you think it will last? Who will be the first to go? When and why? 
For example:
Crossbones - 7 issues, kicked off team and put back in jail.
Juggernaut - 9 issues, escapes. 
Your thoughts?

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As long as the story makes sense and research was done, (meaning that it explains how Juggernaut landed in the Raft from the start). But they are going to be coming across Purple Man.
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I don't like that they've got Crossbones there just to piss the other members off and keep them from going rogue. Like that'll ever work. I do like that its got a mix of old Thunderbolts to keep the new Thunderbolts in line.

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The problem with teams in comics is that their line-up is constantly changing. It would be a record for a team to keep its members for six months. A recent example is Justice League. 
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I think these Thunderbolts have the perfect opportunity for a rotating roster. Someone misbehaves out on the field they get put back in their cell until they smarten up and new criminals can be assigned to them as needed.

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I really hope Parker users a similar style to Ostrander on Suicide Squad. Have a central core of characters, and then draw in from the Raft population as missions need. 
I also hope Parker gets a good LONG run on this one.

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