Last page of Thunderbolts #144 (Spoilers)

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Does anyone else think that the arrival of Baron Zemo offering to take them all away is just a test of their loyalty? There's no way that Zemo just waltzes up to the newly reinforced Raft and disables Luke before offering to take them away.

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Yeah, I just finished reading it. Awesome read! 
I think its either someone disguised as Zemo or, like you said, a test of loyalty. It doesn't seem like Zemo either to barge in and tell everyone to 'hop on' 
And the 'real' zemos in the upcoming cap. america arc, so idk, we'll see what folds out.
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Zemo is coming back, maybe the Thunderbolts won't suck after all 

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Yeah, if it really is Zemo, I'm wondering what that will mean for the next issue of Captain America.

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I also found this very strange

it seems like something's up with "Zemo" whoever this guy is 
should be interesting though

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